Chase Chandler


Read The Signs Of Flirting And Women's Body Language

12th June 2009
Several experts have said that in communication, 90% of which is nonverbal. These nonverbal messages are expressed through different body languages. They convey diverse messages as well, from flirting to telling that you are not interested. Knowing ho... Read >

Using Physical Contact And Touching To Create Attraction

12th June 2009
Want to stay out of the friend zone? Here's one sure way to help you stay out! You have to have some sort of physical contact or touching when talking to a girl. By having some physical contact between the two of you you are establishing a sense of mutual... Read >

Dating Tips For Men: Keys To Great Body Language

10th June 2009
Only 10% of communication is done verbally, the other 90% is nonverbal. This is why you must remember how important body language is when you are talking to a girl you want to show interest in. Alpha male body language is undoubtedly important! Body langu... Read >