Dating Tips For Men: Keys To Great Body Language

Published: 10th June 2009
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Only 10% of communication is done verbally, the other 90% is nonverbal. This is why you must remember how important body language is when you are talking to a girl you want to show interest in. Alpha male body language is undoubtedly important! Body language reveals a lot about you. You must know that it's not only what you say to a women, it's HOW you say it.

Having great body language is just as important as being a great conversationalist. It is a good idea to try to improve on your body language to attract more women.

Body language is very important in knowing how to double your dating.

Here is what you need to remember when focusing on body language when attracting women.

Eye contact. One quick tip is to keep eye contact, which doesn't meant to keep steady eye contact with her chest. As tempted as you may be, just don't do it!

Eye contact is exactly what it stands for, eye contact!

Make sure not to have wandering eyes when having a conversation with a woman.

Try to keep about 70% eye contact, you don't want to stare into her eyes so much that you are burning a hole through her. Keep in mind, 70% doesn't have to be exactly measured, make sure to be natural. You already are on the right step just by being aware of your eye contact when talking to a woman.

Terrific eye contact is a great way to increase the attraction between you and a female. Remember to keep it natural.

In addition to great eye contact, your posture is also another important key to having good body language.

When you have good posture you'll automatically have more confidence in yourself which is going to reflect on what girls see when they notice you, a guy with a high level of confidence.

Most men don't think about focusing on their posture, but it is something that should be in the back of their minds.

Proper posture is not just good for attracting ladies but for your well being in general. Bring yourself into the habit of good posture.

The last pointer I would like to share with you is to speak with your palms open. Having your palms open can help prove a point subconsciously to a woman. Honesty and trustworthy qualities are magnified when you speak to a woman with your palms are open.

It is in the subtle details that help you attract women.

Take these helpers with you the next time you are out at a place looking to attract women.

Having good body language is going to help your chances of attracting women ten fold! Remember these tips and good luck! These are only a few tips you can learn about body language, there are much more tips about body language and becoming an alpha male.

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