Read The Signs Of Flirting And Women's Body Language

Published: 12th June 2009
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Several experts have said that in communication, 90% of which is nonverbal. These nonverbal messages are expressed through different body languages. They convey diverse messages as well, from flirting to telling that you are not interested.

Knowing how to read body language is just as essential as communicating in order to discern what the unspoken signals are all about. Here, you will come across the top ten signs of flirting to assist you in determining nonverbal messages. Oftentimes, these flirting signs are frequently noticed and are made unconsciously.

Eye Contact

A guy can tell if a girl is interested in him if he finds her making a meaningful eye contact within a significant period of time. One example is being in the same room with this particular girl who happens to be on the opposite side from you. If you find yourself exchanging regular moments of eye contact, then it indicates the presence of flirting.

Hair Flick

Women love to flick hair. Even in movies, this act is apparent when a female character is flirting with the male character. In fact, even short-haired ladies do flick their hair when they flirt with guys. So hair flick is another tell-tale sign of flirting.

Raised Eyebrows

Certain studies suggested that when a person of interest onlookers raised their eyebrows. This is an unconscious display of interest and an indication of flirting for the one with the raised eyebrows.

Leaning In

When a guy leans closer to a girl, obviously, he wants to stay close or be closer. For some, this is flirting. But on the other hand, sometimes it is misunderstood.

Toying with Accessories

It is not uncommon to see girls playing with their accessories. This is taken as one of the signs of flirting. Usually, it deals with twirling hair, touching the necklace or fiddling with it, and playing with the earrings. For the men's part, they also send similar signals. It is shown in ways like jingling coins or car keys from their pocket or playing with neckties.

Sideway Glances

Perhaps you have witnessed many times already how these glances are thrown. You may even be one of those who tried it. Being too attracted to someone can make it difficult to look at her or him straight in the eyes. And so, these sideway glances are deemed as obvious flirting signals.

Obvious Body Language

This is referred to as a significant indication of flirting, not only for men but for both sexes. Examples of such are crossing legs or arms, pulling back, and turning away.

Light or Gentle Touches

This is an apparent sign that one is flirting. A light touch on the shoulder, on the knee or the arm simply indicates interest. These are nonverbal indications that you are friendly and open.

Looking at a particular Body Part especially the Lips

When a girl stares at your lips, your chin, or your jaw, she may be flirting with you. Again, this is another unconscious effort of flirting. When someone is attracted to you, she finds it hard to resist on checking out your assets.


She laughs at your silly joke although you know that it is not funny at all. This particular flirting sign is not about attracting a mate. Rather, more on letting the other acquiesce to your pleas.

Most signs of flirting are made unconsciously and nonverbally, which made them quite difficult to control. What a person has in mind is acted out through his or her body language. Therefore, you have to stay relax and focus, as well as stay aware so that you can properly send out these signals yourself, and in turn, be able to read and recognize such when sent in your direction.

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